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2.1 The Docket Calendar (Hearing Schedule)

Hearing information and Court dockets (or Court calendar) are throughout the Court’s website. If you are looking for hearing information, the red banner displayed on the website will provide you that information. If you want to know what hearings are scheduled for specific cases, visit the Docket Calendar on the home page.

Notwithstanding any local bankruptcy rule or administrative order, as of November 1, 2022, any hearing that falls on this date or after is part of the new hearing schedule set by the Court.  For the convenience of Filers, the Clerk has provided a 9013 Location Reference Guide on the Court’s website as a sample of hearing location text that can be incorporated into the location area of the LBR 9013-1 Notice Form. The 9013-1 Notice location text should always mirror the CM/ECF docket text.

Note on Pre-Hearing Conferences/Scheduling Conferences: The Court will allow video participation for a pre-hearing/scheduling conference during the motion docket for any hearing where it is determined that necessary witnesses are not available in-person at the initial setting or evidentiary matters will otherwise warrant a specially set hearing.  

If the matter proceeds as a pre-hearing scheduling conference, counsel should be prepared to discuss the following: any expedited discovery required; timing of the exchange of exhibits and witness lists; the date, time, and location of the hearing; whether any witnesses will be allowed by video; and any other pertinent pre-hearing matters.  The Court may enter a pre-trial order based on the results of the Zoom conference.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if all counsel and necessary witnesses are present in-person at the initial setting (or the parties have agreed that a witness may appear by video) and all pre-hearing disclosures have been made in accordance with the local rules, the Court will proceed with a hearing on the merits at the initial hearing.

Although the 9013 Availability Calendar for Cookeville and Columbia cases are one Wednesday per month for each division, matters in those divisions may be set on a Nashville Division Chapter 13 motion docket if it is by agreement.

Emergency or expedited matters filed pursuant to LBR 9075-1 in Chapter 13 Cookeville and Columbia cases may be set on a Nashville Division motion docket if requested by movant and if sufficient justification is provided in the motion.

The presiding judge for a particular motion docket will determine whether to call the Chapter 7 cases prior to or following the Chapter 13 cases, depending on the volume and nature of the outstanding matters.

As with Chapter 13 cases, Cookeville and Columbia expedited or emergency motions in Chapter 7 cases pursuant to LBR 9075-1 may be set on a Nashville Division motion docket if requested by movant and if sufficient justification is provided in the motion.