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3.3 Expediting Matters

The Court has developed procedures to assist parties who, on rare instances, need “action on notice shorter than that fixed by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or by LBR 9013-1 or LBR 9014-1.” These procedures are found in LBR 9075-1, Emergency Motions and Orders, and in the CM/ECF menu options.

The local rules contemplate three scenarios for requesting expedited relief. Under the first, a party may request an expedited hearing to resolve a matter by ruling and Court order. Under the second and third, the matter has been resolved already by (2) ruling, or (3) agreement, and an order is being requested that memorializes and enforces that resolution.

At one time, the Court mandated that motions for requested relief be filed separately from the motion to expedite the matter. Parties may now file a unitary document moving the Court for relief and asking that the matter be heard on an expedited basis.

Filing a 9013-1 matter as expedited event in CM/ECF:

Do not file a 9013 Hearing Notice and Proposed Order with the Motion and Certificate of Service and do not fill in the Hearing Date, Time, & Location, and Response Date entries when filing the motion. Additionally, you will select “Expedited Hearing on” from the prefix drop-down near the end of the filing procedure, submit your order as “Expedited,” and select the appropriate judge