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3.3.2 Expedited Submitted Orders (for a Hearing, or for a matter already resolved by ruling or agreement)

  • In CM/ECF, select “Bankruptcy” or “Adversary” from the main menu, as appropriate.
  • Select “Proposed Order > Submitted/Expedited - Submitted Agreed/Submitted . . .”
  • Enter the appropriate case number.
  • Select “Submitted Order.”
  • Make the appropriate party selection.
  • Attach your submitted order.
  • You may refer your submitted order to an existing docket entry (i.e., your motion for expedited hearing). If you refer, you must select the document to which you are referring.
  • If an Agreed Order, check “Agreed” (which will add “agreed” to the docket text and signal the judge that the issue is resolved).
  • Most Importantly: answer “Yes” to the question “Is this an EXPEDITED Order according to LBR 9075-1?” This attaches the prefix “Expedited” to your docket text and triggers an email to the judge’s chambers.
  • Select the appropriate judge for the case.
  • Confirm the final docket text and submit.