National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) (lookup by case number)

By submitting the Case Number, this system will obtain the Debtor Name, Transfer Number, Box Number and Location Number. This information will populate NARA Form NATF90 in a separate window. Complete the remainder of the form and submit it to the NARA Federal Records Center.

Please provide the Case Number. Portions of the Case Number are also valid and the "%" wildcard may also be used.

Example: "99-01" will pull up all occurances of 99-01000, 99-01100, 99-01564, etc.

-----Wildcards may also be used-----
Wildcard example: "9%-01211" will pull up all occurances of 96-01211, 97-01211, 98-01211, etc.

Note: Case sensitivity is not required.

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After you submit your query, click on one of the Case Number hyperlinks in the left column being displayed to build the NARA NATF90 form.

The order will be chronologically listed by case number, oldest case closed to newest case closed.