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3.5.1 Reaffirmation Procedures

  • In CM/ECF, select “Bankruptcy” then “Reaffirmations” from the menus.
  • Select either “Reaffirmation Agreement (Hearing Requested)” or “Reaffirmation Agreement (No Hearing Requested).”

Note: see the criteria for “Hearing” or “No Hearing” below. It also appears on a later CM/ECF screen.

  • Enter the appropriate case number.
  • Make the appropriate party selection.
  • Attach the Reaffirmation Agreement.
  • Confirm your Hearing Requested/No Hearing Requested choice based on the criteria listed.

Hearing Required: Pro Se (non-real estate), or Not Certified by Debtor(s) Attorney             (nonreal estate), or Presumption of Undue Hardship (non-Credit Union creditor).

No Hearing Required: Debtor(s) Attorney Certified, or Real Estate, or Presumption of Undue Hardship (Credit Union creditor).

  • Enter the Creditor name in the text box.
  • If selecting “No Hearing” earlier, confirm that the agreement does not contain a Motion. You need not attach a motion for a hearing but be certain not to include one if no hearing is needed.
  • You may Refer your document to an existing event, or not. If you refer, you must select the document to which you are referring.
  • Make the appropriate Certificate of Service selection and entry.
  • Confirm the final docket text and submit.