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3.6.1 Procedures for Motions for § 522(q)(1) Orders

CM/ECF will generate all required documents – do not create any yourself! After the Notice of Plan Completion, the Certification about a Financial Management Course (Official Form 423) and the Domestic Support Obligation Certificate are filed, then file the motion as follows:

  • In CM/ECF, select Bankruptcy > LBR 9013 > 9013 Motions with Notice > 522(q)(1) Order.
  • Enter case number; select the debtor(s) as Party.
  • Ensure “Yes” is selected for “Assign a document number?”
  • Enter Hearing date, time, location, and Response due date (see 9013 Motion Procedures of this Handbook).
  • Do not refer the motion to existing events, and do not enter mailing date for Certificate of Service (the Court will notice this motion).
  • Verify docket text and submit.

Important Note: The email Notice of Electronic Filing you receive and the case’s docket report will display a link to the motion. These links may not display the document until one business day later when the CM/ECF creates the motion for BNC transmission.

If objections are received, a hearing will be scheduled. If no objections are received, the Court will enter the necessary § 522(q)(1) Order when the case is otherwise ready for discharge.