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Judge Walker’s Procedures Regarding Attorney Participation
For All 7/11 Motion Dockets and Hearings

(Procedures for consolidated Chapter 13 dockets are addressed in a separate administrative order)


    Notwithstanding the opening of the Customs House to in-person proceedings, effective on September 7, 2021, for all hearings scheduled in Courtroom 2, Judge Walker will continue to conduct hearings virtually and begin utilizing Zoomgov. Virtual appearances are required. The courtroom will be locked, and parties will not be permitted to appear in the courtroom. All hearings will take place using Zoom for Government a free service that provides audioconference and videoconference capabilities.

    Participants may connect to the videoconference through an Internet browser by entering the Video conference URL shown below, as well as the Meeting ID code when prompted.

Videoconference URL:
Meeting ID: 160 8635 7633

    If a participant is unable to send and receive audio through their computer, or join the videoconference through an internet browser for any reason, the audio of the hearing may be accessed by telephone using the following audio conference information below.

Audioconference Telephone Number U.S. Toll-free: 833-568-8864

    Hearing participants and members of the public may view and/or listen to hearings before Judge Walker using Zoomgov free of charge. Individuals may appear by video and audio using a personal computer (equipped with a camera, microphone, and speaker), or a handheld mobile device (such as an iPhone). Individuals may participate by audio only using a telephone (standard telephone charges may apply). Neither a Zoom nor a Zoomgov account are necessary to participate and no pre-registration is required. The audio portion of each hearing will be recorded electronically by the Court and constitute its official record. For further information on Zoomgov, please consult the Court’s website at::

    Important: All persons are strictly prohibited from making any recording of court proceedings, whether by video, audio, "screenshot," or otherwise. Violation of this prohibition may result in the imposition of monetary and non-monetary sanctions. The Clerk of the Court maintains an audio recording of all proceedings, which recording constitutes the official record of those proceedings.

    In-person proceedings in Courtroom 2 will resume at some point and time in the future, and Judge Walker will conduct hearings using a hybrid format. The hybrid format will allow parties to choose whether they appear in person or virtually, and any interested party may appear in-person, with virtual appearances being permitted utilizing Zoomgov, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

Tips for a Successful Zoomgov Court Experience

  1. Test the video and audio capabilities of your computer or mobile device in advance of the hearing (i.e., at least one day in advance). If you would like to conduct a test, please contact chambers via: at least 48 hours before the scheduled hearing, and we will schedule a test to ensure that your sound and video are working correctly.
  2. If you intend to speak at the hearing, please find a quiet place from which to participate.
  3. If you are connecting to the hearing using a wireless device, you should situate yourself in a location with a strong wireless signal.
  4. Unless and until it is your turn to speak, please mute your audio to minimize background noise and turn off your camera.
    1. If connected to Zoomgov audio by telephone, you can mute or unmute your connection by pressing *6 on your phone.
  5. When you first speak—and each time you speak after someone else has spoken—please say your name. This may seem awkward but is essential to making a good court record. The only part of the hearing being recorded is the audio.  If a transcript is requested, it is sometimes difficult for the transcriber to know who is speaking.
  6. If you are participating by video, please turn off your camera until your case is called by the Court so to minimize distractions during the docket.
  7. If you are participating by video, try to avoid having a window or bright background behind you. (You may, as a result, appear on video as a shadow.) If you cannot avoid the bright background, try using a desk lamp or other light source to brighten your face.
  8. Participants and members of the public should at all times remember that although conducted remotely, these hearings are official court proceedings, and individuals should act accordingly.
    1. If video is enabled, please wear attire consistent with the decorum of court proceedings.
    2. Zoomgov permits the use of virtual backgrounds to safeguard your privacy.  If you choose to use a virtual background, please avoid backgrounds that are offensive or distracting.
  9. Zoomgov video participants are permitted to specify a display name. If using video, please specify your complete name to assist the Court in creating a record of the proceedings.
  10. Please refer to the Zoom Video/Audio Information page, accessible from the Court’s main page, for further information.