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1 Introduction to the Practitioners Handbook

The Practitioners Handbook (Handbook) is a tool intended to highlight aspects of practice in our Bankruptcy Court. It includes specific information, instructions, and requirements regarding the court and use of the Case Management Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF). The purpose of the Handbook is to assist lawyers, their staff, trustees, and the public. The online version of the Handbook replaces the .pdf version originally started in 2007 and incorporates the information contained in the legacy document. The Handbook should not be used as a substitute for the Local Bankruptcy Rules, the Electronic Case Filing Procedures, or the Electronic Evidence Submission Application.

Although this Handbook is published by the Office of the Clerk, practitioners are responsible for the accuracy of their pleadings, and for ensuring they are properly and timely filed with the court. Please bring any inaccuracies to the attention of the Clerk of Court and freely suggest topics you would like to see added, expanded or clarified.