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File an Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)

The Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Tennessee accepts the filing of a proof of claim or amended proof of claim using the ePOC link below. The ePOC claim filing service is an option for those parties who:

  • Do not have an CM/ECF login/password
  • Traditionally file paper claims by mail or in person at the Clerk’s Office
  • Desire to file a proof of claim without using CM/ECF

Please read all ePOC information and instructions thoroughly to ensure correct filing of a claim through ePOC. Features of ePOC.

Features of ePOC

  • Requires no login or password
  • Allows claims to be filed electronically with the court on the claims register for all chapters
  • Produces Official Bankruptcy Form B410 (Proof of Claim) upon committing the claim transaction
  • Permits supporting documents to be attached to the proof of claim
  • Automatically assigns a claim number
  • Claims may be amended or withdrawn
  • Allows for the filing of Rule 3002 supplements (Notices of Mortgage Payment Change | Notices of Postpetition Fees, Expenses and Charges | Responses to Notice of Final Cure Payment)
  • Final claim forms may be printed or saved

General Instructions

  • The name and complete address of the creditor must appear on the claim form.
  • If an attorney is filing a proof of claim on behalf of a creditor, the attorney should enter the attorney’s name and address.
  • The name and title of the person authorized to file the claim is required on the claim form.
  • In compliance with Bankruptcy Rule 9037, ensure that certain personally identifiable information has been redacted from all documents before electronically submitting the proof of claim. Personally identifiable information under Rule 9037 includes: Social Security or taxpayer-identification numbers (only the last four digits of the number are permitted), dates of birth, names of minor children, and financial account numbers (only the last four digits of an account number are permitted).
  • Responses, objections, pleadings, correspondence or any other document required to be filed in CM/ECF will not be accepted through ePOC. Filing of such documents will not be processed by the Clerk and are treated as not filed in CM/ECF. The Clerk does not correct or re-file docket entries for external filers in this district.  See, ECF Procedure 5.
  • All documents attached to the proof of claim must be in PDF file format.  The maximum PDF file size for the court is 35 MB. The maximum merge document size is 50 MB.
  • A claim filed electronically on this website constitutes the filer’s approved signature and has the same force and effect as if the filer signed the document. Any electronically filed document which requires verification or an unsworn declaration shall be treated, for all purposes (both civil and criminal, including penalties for perjury), the same as if signed or subscribed.
  • For a step-by step ePOC claim filing process, please see link below (or click here ).

Penalty for filing a fraudulent claim: Fine of up to $500,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both.  See, 18 U.S.C. §§ 152, 157 and 3571.

You must use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to file electronic Proof of claims, withdrawals, or supplements. 

Internet Explorer and Edge browsers are not supported.

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