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3.3.1 Expedited Motion – Procedures

  • In CM/ECF, select “Bankruptcy” or “Adversary” from the main menu, as appropriate.
  • Select the proper underlying motion by choosing “Motions > Other Motions/Applications” or “LBR 9013 > 9013 Motions with Notice,” under the Bankruptcy menu, or by choosing “Motions>Adversary Motions/Applications” or “LBR 9013 Motions” under the Adversary menu.
  • Enter the appropriate case number.
  • Make the appropriate party selection.
  • Attach your Motion and Certificate of Service.
  • Before final submission of your ECF entry, verify that the docket text matches the title provided in the .pdf document.

Note: you may see additional screens which are motion-specific (i.e., fee screens).

Note: if you are expediting what would otherwise be a 9013 Motion, leave the Hearing Date, Time, Location, and the Response Date blank, and do not file the 9013 Notice or the proposed order with your motion.