You are here Amendments to Statement and Schedules

If changes are sought to a previously filed schedule, the “3 – Amended Schedule” ECF dictionary event should be selected. An amendment to Schedules D, E, and F has a filing fee pursuant to the Bankruptcy Fee Compendium and the fee is assessed at the time of filing the schedule. When filing amended schedules D, E, and F, if you by-pass the CM/ECF dictionary event by selecting a different ECF event in order to avoid the fee, the Clerk will generate a Fee Due Notice on the docket which will assess the fee against your electronic account. See, ECF Procedure 4.7, Payment of Fees, which requires outstanding fees to be paid within three business days of the time of filing.

In accordance with LBR 1009-1, Amendments to Petitions, Lists, & Schedules and Statements, a notice must be attached (or filed separately) specifically stating what change has been made to the petition, list, statement, or schedule. It is insufficient to use the CM/ECF dictionary event and add text to notify the Clerk of the amendment being made. Creditors will be added only when there is compliance with the local rule.

Note: Regarding removal of creditors from statements and schedules. The CM/ECF application will not allow creditors to be removed from statements and schedules when a claim is filed. The application is static in this regard.